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Take a stroll through the list of Frequently Asked Questions we get about Octossure. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a line via the CONTACT US page.


Octossure offers an annual subscription. Discounts apply for annual payment or pay by the month options are available.

The subscription price varies for each RTO based on its size. The size of the RTO is measured by a combination of its annual revenue and number of student enrolments.

Octossure will provide a subscription price after your demonstration of the system.

NO. Octossure partners are experts in RTO compliance and implementation of the system, which some RTO’s find greatly beneficial.

NO. Octossure works alongside your SMS and LMS to provide a multitude of functions that your other systems do not cover.
Because Octossure is independent of the other systems it is simple to establish and can independently review activity in the SMS to determine your RTO’s level of compliance.

NO. Octossure is a standalone solution. It uses the publicly available APIT to import the registered scope items from the portal as these are foundational data sets. Octossure also imports AVETMISS data files (which are produced by the Student Management System).

YES. Anyone can use the system from sales staff to management and of course compliance staff. Importantly, different users of the Octossure system will have different levels of access to ensure they only see what they may need to use.

The program starts with the implementation of Octossure. This involves:

  • Collecting some enterprise specific data and loading it into the platform
  • Updating your registration details from the website
  • Loading your existing files, eg. Policies and Procedures
  • Establishing accounts for named users.

With the platform established, the system is highly intuitive with build in information guides throughout.

Additional training can be arranged if required.

YES. Once you subscribe, the Octossure system is established with a live link to the website and is ready for you to use from day one. You can progressively load more information into the system when it suits you.

Your Octossure system is ready to go as soon as your subscription is active. Populating the system with your RTO’s information can be done quickly or outsourced to an Octossure partner if required, or incrementally over time.

Octossure can be implemented at any time. Regardless of your audit cycle Octossure will reduce your compliance risks and save you time and money. Auditors understand the value of the Octossure system in meeting self assurance, continuous improvement and compliance performance expectations, even if only very recently implemented.

The Octossure system is a SaaS platform that is hosted in the Sydney Amazon Web Service (AWS). It takes advantage of AWS services for:

  • Encryption
  • Firewalls
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Automated traffic encryption
  • Identity and access management
  • Monitoring and logging.

Using AWS also confers the use of the AWS SOC levels 1-3 and the adherence of the underlying platform environment to the NIST standards.

Independent security consultants have performed penetration testing and security reviews on the system.

NO. Octossure does not take any payments – there are no financials transactions in the system.

YES. Our service desk is available Monday to Friday during normal AEST business hours.

YES. We recommend newly registered RTOs establish their self assurance and compliance as soon as possible to ensure compliance starts on track and stays that way for the life of the business.

YES. By implementing Octossure into a potential acquisition Octossure will ensure complete transparency. Octossure will identify non-compliances and reveal the volume of work required to address practical tasks post acquisition.

YES. Octossure executive reporting functions summarise and report at a simple, and high level, the compliance state and risk exposures to high managerial agents and those with ‘fit and proper person’ responsibilities.

Yes. Octossure has been designed to support every type of RTO in Australia including:

  • Enterprise
  • Private
  • NFP
  • ACE – Community colleges
  • Public Institute

If you have any more questions, please contact us at or via our CONTACT US PAGE.

Our demo sessions are customised to suit your individual RTO and can be tailored to suit individual or group demonstrations.